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Why? Well let me explain, this website and its community are completely BUTT HURT now a days. I respect Tom Fulp in every way, shape, and form but the community is just full of idiots. I can't post one review with a curse word without it getting flagged and taken down. And then if you want people in this community to even respect you you need to be able to make some form of art, which I can not cause I do not have the tools. And do not forget the Forsaken City project that went down under and failed horribly. I watched a documentary for bronies go 250,000 dollars over the required limit and that community has been around for only 2 years. This one that has been around for maybe 11 years now and could not do that. If Fox News complained about the site I do not think that the community would be able to fight back. I am just leaving and even though people think SHIT about my opinion I am still writing this. By the way, whoever was that ass**** who flagged my review that had been up for about a month...what is wrong with you? The only good thing I can say about this community is that it led me to discover bronies, so thank you guys for that.


I think I got it down so I am making a tiny madness animation. It is not going to be perfect and will have some errors but will still be good so that is really it.

Ovals are up and running.

2012-03-17 16:38:28 by SoapyMinecraft

I made a little animation and I published it. At least it is not ignored.

I made a small flash with the length of a short. I do not know if I should post it or not because I am kind of scared.
What if it gets a bad rap? What if it gets blammed? What if I get hate mail? I know most of this stuff is impossible to avoid but what else can I do? Please tell me what you think.


2012-03-07 18:39:21 by SoapyMinecraft

This is hard sometimes, ya know to make the cartoon. But when i'm done and the fine tuning is over i'm sure you will like it. But I have one question, how does one make there flash smooth? Cause I cant figure it out at all.I have made at least 12 seconds which is nice to know for me but it will be done soon(soon means 2 months). But that is really about it.

Yep I am trying to at least...Ive gotton very far and my speed is 3.8 seconds every hour. So it may or may not come out but when it does...that will be good.Also if that one gets out ill make another and here are my two ideas.
1: Fighting with tons of blood plus a nuke.
2:A sad story. (And I am sorry for using the madness sprites for a sad is just so easy to work with them.)

That is it so smell ya later.
If you have ideas for me please tell me.

I am with it.

2012-03-02 21:32:23 by SoapyMinecraft

I am a newbie when it comes to anything flash. I have it but I just cant figure it out. That does not mean I don't know a good flash when I see one. So if I think somethings good...I am gonna tell you. But anyways. I love art and animation. That is it.